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Soft Skills Training

I created this blog style module after being tasked with creating and engaging learning object that helped company associates who don't typically work remotely transition into working from home environment for an extended period. I opted for going with an informal writing tone to maintain the topic lighthearted and included a series of stock illustrations, that were modified slightly, which conveyed levity. Besides the writing, I completed all the design and collaborated with David Brehm to animate a couple of the graphics. 

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This learning module is part of a series of 17 micro lessons intended to highlight key points of the associate code of conduct at Invitation Homes. To make the content more engaging, I decided to present the concepts through the use of videos showcasing different associates. For this project, besides all of the eLearning design, and development, I scripted the videos, recorded the content, added the animated graphics, and edited the final version. Lastly, I incorporated Powtoon animations for knowledge checks. 

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This video-based infographic explains the benefit of adopting online learning as part of a successful learning strategy in a company. This video includes a combination of modified stock images alongside original illustrations. 

This brief software simulation demonstrates the use of interactive learning objects to create a guided learning experience. In this example, I created this short module to show teachers how to register for professional development sessions quickly. 

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This Podcast was a project that I launched with my friend Arlina Campuzano in early 2017. For this project, I created a content plan to span 20 episodes that were part of the first and only season. I also created the logo and the custom music intro using Garage Band and Audition. Arlina and I collaborated on the research and hosting of the episodes, while I edited the final product. We hope you enjoy it!


This Soft Skill sample takes the learner through a brief refresher of the best practices used when having a coaching conversation, challenges the learner to apply those concepts in a series of application scenarios, and ends with a brief quiz. I designed this module to help managers who have previously attended coaching workshops keep the coaching concepts fresh on their minds. 

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